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He’s got narrow, hazel coloured (grey from the manga) attention having pet-eg people that make him come sly and you may overwhelming
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He’s got narrow, hazel coloured (grey from the manga) attention having pet-eg people that make him come sly and you may overwhelming

He’s got narrow, hazel coloured (grey from the manga) attention having pet-eg people that make him come sly and you may overwhelming

He’s got narrow, hazel coloured (grey from the manga) attention having pet-eg people that make him come sly and you may overwhelming

Physical appearance

Kuroo was noted getting tall and you will slim that have large arms, well-founded palms, and you will a muscle body type. Their black colored locks are definitely messy and you can surges upwards on account of their bed head. The guy is served by a perimeter into their right-side you to partly covers his vision. Down seriously to his unusual hair style, he could be from time to time called “Rooster Head”.

Kuroo can often be viewed putting on a black shirt, reddish sweatpants, together with Nekoma Large coat. Throughout official fits, he wears this new Nekoma consistent designated on the number one.


Kuroo have https://datingranking.net/biracial-dating/ an installed-straight back yet , scheming identity which will be sensed a good “provocation specialist” by many [1] . He’d definitely trigger other people and that’s unrelenting whenever dishing away snide remarks. This will be presented in the manner the guy angers Tsukishima if the first-12 months blocker was able a beneficial nonchalant attitude to your volleyball in summer education go camping. not, Kuroo try kinder and much more genuine than his exterior visualize conveys. Shortly after realizing he has overstepped a column, Kuroo aims away and you may apologizes so you can Daichi concerning provocation. Later, exhibiting one to as he is actually an effective “provocation expert,” sportsmanship remains important to your [1] . He as well as cares and areas their elderly mentor, Yasufumi Nekomata, tremendously, enough to assist Karasuno boost to meet up with Nekomata’s desire fighting facing each other from the nationals possible.

Predicated on Kenma, Kuroo was a bashful and you will taken guy who first gone towards his area when he was eight yrs old [2] . He had been silent facing strangers and you may embarrassing doing Kenma to start with, regardless of the one or two getting close-in decades. Both fused over games and eventually practiced volleyball with her. Slower, Kuroo started initially to emerge from his cover since a couple got all the more active in the sport. He turned a significantly louder and you will active person, generated the latest family members in school, and come going out to try out basketball for the almost every other kids.

Kuroo is even been shown to be a highly watchful and you will intuitive people with regards to one another volleyball and people. Even as children, he had been extremely alert to Kenma’s quiet, withdrawn personality, together with the feeling not to drag him over to perform something new son did not have any enjoyable when you look at the performing [2] . In the fits, his conscious characteristics since a center blocker turns out to be extremely dangerous getting Nekoma’s opponents. He quickly songs down and you may analyzes all the disperse of your spikers, making it possible for your to hold a successful block and you can destroy the fresh energy of your other team.

Around their teammates, Kuroo is a reliable, good master, tend to guilty of lifting the fresh new spirits of one’s cluster after they is effect down having fun with sneaky quips. The guy appears to derive exhilaration out-of facing solid rivals and you can hides his anger with sharp smirks and you can boisterous feedback, all the while scheming strategies to falter the new opposing cluster.

Despite appearing sneaky and chill externally, Kuroo and has now an unusual top that is towards the monitor when he straps call at loud obnoxious wit and you will engages in frivolous talk having Bokuto [3] . Kuroo and seems to either get a hold of themselves as more regarding an enthusiastic old man or somebody only a-year or one or two younger than just him because students, just like the revealed when he proclaims “Ah, youth” once watching Inuoka and you can Hinata and you can talking to Tsukishima [4] .


Up to 8 yrs old, Kuroo moved next-door to help you Kenma together with members of the family, and therefore contained his dad and you will grand-parents. And when he had been kept alone, however visit Kenma’s domestic instead. He was detailed to-be shyer plus taken than simply Kenma, so the a couple of had a difficult time getting to know for each almost every other [2] .