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The newest dots choice to this new noun that’s indeed there during the genuine message
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The newest dots choice to this new noun that’s indeed there during the genuine message

The newest dots choice to this new noun that’s indeed there during the genuine message

The newest dots choice to this new noun that’s indeed there during the genuine message

So if you say, dirig-kur-s^elizabeth, you are saying ‘beyond people mountains’. The newest kur-s^age in this instance ways ‘those slopes there within this view’, so that the presenter says ‘exceeding or more than those individuals mountains there’.

In addition, a predominant Center East origins of your own modern people of one’s marshes from southern area Iraq means in case the Marsh Arabs try descendants of old Sumerians, also the Sumerians was indeed probably autochthonous and not regarding Indian or South Far-eastern origins

>I am composing a papers toward God, getting a strategy category. I’m trying prove >that the design story are a narrative towards birth from a single, every single >all of you try our own Goodness. I’ve read all of Zecharia Sitchin’s courses >and believe that just what he wrote would be correct, but I think that the real >business is just an expression of your cumulative inner otherwise religious world. I am >curious out of how you would convert – Nibiru. I have used their dictionary and you may >different of those and you may Sitchin converts it “The planet from crossing”. I get >the planet otherwise body part however the newest crossing. I believe you to perhaps it’s got >something to manage that have a bringing down of the physical so you’re able to equivalent the newest religious. >You’ll that be possible?

The Sumerians were smart throughout the moral and you may simple questions, however, I do not think that these were due to the fact abstract since you are. Neberu try an enthusiastic Akkadian word, perhaps not a Sumerian term. They labeled a river crossing, ford, otherwise an effective ferry (boat). The town of Nippur is probably located at such as a place. The entire world Jupiter, and this we understand are after called Neberu, belonged toward captain goddess throughout the Babylonian pantheon, Marduk. We don’t features proof, however, before it may possess belonged into Sumerian Enlil, this new temple god out of Nippur and you may master deity regarding Sumerian pantheon. There clearly was the possibility one to Neberu along with known the newest Northern Superstar. The new Sumerians tended to project what they understood in the world to the fresh new heavens.

>I am trying to find a specialist from the Sumerian vocabulary who’ll >ensure or debunk Zechariah Sitchin’s states off Sumerian interpretation. Given that >far once i can tell, no one which have an excellent scholarly and legitimate records enjoys >actually ever confirmed or refused their states.

>Their eight courses about brand new Annunaki have remaining unchallenged >consistently. While new to his functions, it’s his assertion >that sumerian messages find out if the human being battle is actually genetically altered >to services an exceptional extraterrestrial battle known as annunaki.

The newest Sumerians did not have a term for faith, because worshipping new gods at their temples was basic to their lifestyle.

Total our efficiency mean that the introduction of drinking water buffalo breeding and grain farming, probably from the Indian sub-region, just marginally affected the fresh gene pool out of autochthonous individuals of the latest part

As you can imagine, it is hard to own a reputation for their religion, once they dont need a keyword to have religion.

Probably not. They described by themselves since the black colored-on course individuals in addition to book of the Cavalli-Sforza et al., The annals and you may Geography regarding Individual Genes, suggests that the present day descendants certainly are the people of Kuwait.

Postscript added examination of the latest DNA off 1ple regarding Iraqi controls visited next results: “Evidence of genetic stratification ascribable on Sumerian development is actually offered from the Y-chromosome study where the J1-Page08 part shows a district expansion datingranking.net/flirtwith-review/, nearly modern on Sumerian City-state period you to defined Southern area Mesopotamia. Concurrently, a ancient background shared with Northern Mesopotamia are found of the new shorter represented Y-chromosome origin J1-M267*. ” “Shopping for the latest hereditary footprints out of Sumerians: a survey out-of Y-chromosome and you may mtDNA adaptation about Marsh Arabs off Iraq”, Nadia Al-Zahery1, med A great Hamod23, Baharak Hooshiar Kashani1, Anna Olivieri1, Antonio Torroni1, Augusta S Santachiara-Benerecetti1 and you will Ornella Semino, BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, .