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Marriage Contract Sample Funny
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Marriage Contract Sample Funny

Marriage Contract Sample Funny

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Marriage is a serious commitment, but that doesn`t mean it can`t be lighthearted and entertaining. If you`re planning to tie the knot soon and want to inject some humor into your marriage contract, you`re in luck. We`ve compiled a list of some of the funniest marriage contract samples. Let`s take a look!

1. “We agree to love, honor, and cherish each other, even when one of us is being a total brat.”

This clause sets the tone for a playful and light-hearted contract. It acknowledges that both parties will have their moments of frustration and irritability, but they are committed to working through those moments with love and grace.

2. “We agree to always share the last slice of pizza, no matter how much we want it for ourselves.”

This clause shows that you`re committed to putting your partner`s needs above your own, even when it comes to delicious food. Plus, it`s a good reminder to always order an extra pizza, just in case.

3. “We agree to support each other`s weird hobbies, even if we don`t completely understand them.”

This clause recognizes that everyone has their own unique interests and passions. It`s important to show support and encouragement, even if you don`t quite “get” why your partner loves collecting stamps or playing video games.

4. “We agree to take turns being the big spoon and the little spoon.”

This clause is a playful nod to the importance of physical touch and affection in a relationship. It shows that both parties are committed to snuggling up and keeping each other warm, no matter who takes on the big spoon role.

5. “We agree to always laugh at each other`s jokes, even if they`re not that funny.”

This clause is a reminder that laughter is an important part of any relationship. It shows that both parties are committed to finding joy and humor in even the most mundane moments.

While a marriage contract is a serious legal document, there`s no reason it can`t be infused with humor and personality. These funny marriage contract samples are a great way to set the tone for a fun, lighthearted, and loving union. So go ahead, add some laughter to your marriage contract, and enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.